Science Friday and Fresh Air Return

Proving that a public radio station can listen as well as broadcast, we have made some programming changes after receiving member and listener feedback regarding our July programming changes.

sciencefridayEffective Friday, September 27, 2013 and Monday, September 30, 2013:

  • Science Friday returns to the KWMU and WQUB lineup beginning Friday, September 27, 2013 and will air Fridays from 1-2 p.m. and again from 9-10 p.m.
  • Fresh Air will regain an afternoon slot on Monday-Thursday from 1-2 p.m. It will also remain on the schedule in the evenings from  9-10 p.m.
  • Here and Now will air from 2-3 p.m. Monday-Friday. We will continue our collaboration with Here and Now to bring reports from St. Louis to the national program on a regular basis.
Terry Gross

Fresh Air host Terry Gross. Photo credit Will Ryan

“We made the decision to bring back Science Friday and move Fresh Air back to the afternoon as a result of feedback from our listeners and members,” said General Manager Tim Eby.  “Public radio listeners are passionate and loyal people, and we truly value their opinions and their support.”

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42 responses to “Science Friday and Fresh Air Return”

  1. Susan Walker says :

    I’m SO glad! St. Louis Public Radio hasn’t been the same since SciFri left and Fresh Air went to evenings.

  2. Barb Middleton says :

    Thanks for scheduling Science Friday again! It’s a learning experience for those of us who aren’t scientists. Enjoy the variety, scope and the host. Fresh Air is another favorite–always interesting–Terri Gross does a wonderful job with her interviews. I didn’t write before because I thought the programs had been discontiued by your network.

  3. JumadaSTL says :

    Great news! And thank you for listening.

  4. Kit Jenkins says :

    I am so glad to hear this. I really missed my Science Friday! And Teri Gross seemed to be banished to late radio so I’m glad she’ll be during the day again. I missed her too. We listen all day long at my house, but not late evening. Thanks KWMU!

  5. Larry Nolan says :

    Thank you.

    A good first step, but please give us the second hour of SciFri also. ‘Here and Now’ won’t be missed for one hour on Friday afternoons. And actually it would not be missed if removed completely.

    • Osman says :

      First of all, thanks STL Public Radio for listening your members and I too hope that you will extend it to two full hours. I agree with Larry that I don’t think “Here and Now” would be missed much.

      Now if you could bring back PRI’s the World, STL Public Radio would regain its greatness….

  6. Kevin says :


  7. Tim Miller says :

    I know this wasn’t in response to only my note, It is so nice to know that I was not alone in posing the request for the return of these two assets of NPR.
    Thank you for listening so we will continue to listen.

  8. Melissa Grizzle says :

    So happy Fresh Air is coming back to daytime!!!

  9. Loren Grossman says :


    You & your staff have a good ear & a good heart. Now, one more thing, bring back the replay of APHC on Sunday. I wonder if this is why the show has not toured the Fox for several years?. The show is not available on your App , just a snippet.

    Loren Grossman

  10. Pete says :

    Well done and much appreciated

  11. Bob Sweeney says :

    Thank you for listening. When I commented about my disappointment, I was pleasantly surprised to get a response. I am even more pleasantly surprised to hear of the return of these two top-notch shows.

  12. DisappointedListener says :

    Maybe you can also go back to Bob Edwards on Morning Edition! And Susan Stamberg on ATC. Way to be unwilling to take any risks or try new things!

  13. kris says :

    Thank goodness! I can listen again!!!

  14. Susie says :

    Thanks for listening. Few organizations do and I have really missed those daytime driveway moments from Fresh Air and as a non-science gal I also love to learn new things and that was what Science Friday was all about. One thing you really did well at ST. Louis Public Radio before, was variety programming, not just all the news all of the time, I think I can speak for your listeners when I say we like to learn new things and educate ourselves with well rounded programs not just opinion shows.

  15. Sally says :

    Great news! I haven’t been able to listen to Fresh Air once since it was moved to 9pm…can’t wait to listen again in the afternoon.

  16. catherine wade says :

    Wahoo!!! For my money (yes, I am a sustaining member) you can find another show for the 2nd hr of “there & then” (as I unaffectionately call it! Thanks for SciFri and for the double Fresh Air. GREAT NEWS.

  17. Luftmentsch says :

    Wow! Now just bring back “The World” and get rid of the various Cheese-Meisters you’ve been inflicting on us lately, and I’ll be one very happy camper.

  18. catherine wade says :

    Ok, I know I just posted one comment & maybe I won’t get this 2nd shot …. But somebody dissed Bob Edwards. I could NOT let that pass. When really major events happed, I still would prefer Bob telling me about it. And RARELY does anyone else have the knack for the little bit at the 30 min mark. SO THERE!

  19. Dale Engelbrecht says :

    We really appreciate having Science Friday back on the air. Thanks very much for that. We understand only the first hour will be broadcast. Although we’d like the whole show, we’ll take anything we can get !!!

  20. Kathleen says :

    I am so glad to have these programs back, and am grateful that the station listened to the people who had the good sense to ask for these shows back. I missed them quite a lot, but was resigned to my fate. I also support getting Science Friday back to two hours.


  21. Betty Nordmann says :

    Thank you, thank you for bringing back ‘Science Friday’. Now could we have ‘The Political Junky’ and ‘The World’ back as well? Geri Mitchell has the voice that makes waking up so much more pleasant.

  22. Mary Kniep says :

    So glad you have brought back SciFri. I have missed it! I too vote for returning both hours. Thanks.

  23. Laurie Burstein says :

    So happy to have Fresh Air back in the afternoon! Was truly missed and can’t wait to listen again.

  24. donnaf says :

    Great move, bringing Science Friday back and returning Fresh Air to daytime. Now if only we could get The World back during the week and Dr. Zorba and What Do You Know on the weekends….

    I also want to express my love of the TED Radio Hour. This has been a very worthwhile and high quality addition to the weekend schedule.

    I was told at one time that KWMU partly makes its decisions on which shows to keep based on feedback during pledge/membership renewal time. The only question I’ve ever been asked is “What’s your favorite program?” Maybe a better question would be, “Which program is your least favorite?” I have so many programs that I like that it’s hard to pick just one.

  25. Lizzie says :

    I’m very happy to have Science Friday and Fresh Air back, and I will pledging again. But why is there only an hour of Science Friday and not the full two hours?

  26. Cynthia Vaughn says :

    Wow, so glad to hear about these changes! Now I won’t be searching for something interesting on TV after lunch! Thanks!

  27. Jim Hauschultz says :

    Daytime is my PublicRadioTime. SciFri and Terry Gross were badly missed. So is Neal Conan, but there’s only so much you can ask for. I’m glad for the ‘new’ programming!

  28. Jean Ann Funk says :

    Glad to hear that Terri Gross and Fresh Air will be back in the daytime. I missed her; there was a real hole in the day!

  29. Connie Williamson says :

    Thank Goodness!

  30. kerry couch says :

    I am SO delighted to hear that Sci Fri is coming back! YES!!!!! Please give us the full two hours. There is NOTHING else like Science Friday available. There ARE other programs similar to Here & Now. So, opting out of H & N to allow the entire UNIQUE Science Friday is not a big deal. PLEASE consider two hours of Sci Fri. Glad to hear Terri Gross will be back in the afternoon, too. I surely have missed her. One of the best interviewers on the radio.

  31. L Swartz says :

    I was an all day listener until the changes. Thank you for bringing back Science Friday and Fresh Air. Please consider bringing the 2nd hour of Science Friday back. We are a ‘science hub’ here in STL and it was ridiculous that the show was taken off the air in the first place. How can we have dedicated Science reporter and all the science related businesses (not to mention sponsors of the station) and not air Science Friday? It just showed how little people at the station really listen not only to the shows but to its members. Bring the second hour back and your listeners will continue to listen.

  32. Colleen Peck says :

    Now I will renew my membership.

  33. Janice says :

    Several months ago, a friend asked me how I know so much about what is going on in the nation. I literally emailed her an NPR programming schedule and encouraged her to start listening to KWMU, especially Diane Rehm and Talk Of The Nation. And then the format changed. The programming was no longer compelling. Boo. But then then the format changed back again….(kind of). Thank you for responding to your listeners. I am happy to have Science Friday back and I think Fresh Air works better in the afternoon. I am glad you retained St. Louis On the Air. It is important for a local perspective.

    Now, how do we pass the message to NPR to bring back Neal Conan and Talk of the Nation! I have nothing against Jeremy Hobson. I have enjoyed his work in the past. But I miss the content and format of TOTN. I miss the educated and objective host, Neal Conan. Like Diane Rehm, TOTN provided in depth discussion to educate listeners. With Here and Now in the afternoon instead of TOTN, I find myself flitting in and out of listening. I am NO LONGER COMPELLED to listen. I will even change back to radio music. I NEVER did that with Talk of the Nation. 🙂

    PS – Welcome to Geri Mitchell! Thanks to Jim Althoff and Bob McCabe.

  34. Bob Wilcox says :

    Another note of gratitude for the return of much-missed SciFri and another plaintive wish for both hours. Having The World back would be nice, too.

  35. Erin DeLunasa says :

    About time. I will reinstate my monthly pledges again. What a horrible decision your program director made to cancel those programs in the first place. Very pleased they are returning to the air waves.

  36. Kittie says :

    Thank you, thank you , thank you for returning FRESH AIR to the afternoon programming. Like one other commenter, I was just resigned to my fate, and did not request the return, but I had stopped listening all day. The Here & Now Program and The Takeaway are just 2 more “magazine style” programs, flitting from subject to subject with no IN DEPTH discussion of an issue. We have enough snipits of news. We NEED the Education that extended interviews can provide. And TERRI GROSS is the BEST interviewer anywhere, followed closely by Michelle Martin of Tell Me More. I became a sustaining member of KWMU because of its intelligent programming. The new programs I mentioned are too HURRIED, and jump all over the map with what they report on. Won’t be missed by me at all.

    • Larry Nolan says :

      I agree with your analysis completely.

    • DugganPubs says :

      I agree with Kitty on Here & Now and The Takeaway — they are indistinguishable. The male hosts of both have a flippant attitude and no credibility. They’re not “appointment listening” — no focus, no in-depth topic to tease in promos, so they give no reason to listen on any particular day. I, too, was resigned to it and started casting about for other things to listen to during the day. Except for Diane Rehm and Don Marsh, it was one big long day of “Too Many Things Considered.” Snore. I’m really happy to get Science Friday back, but — and I know this is sacrilege for some of you — Terri Gross gives me the heebie-jeebies, so I will be tuning out from 1-2 M-Th. Kudos to KMWU for not letting that line-up drag on forever.

  37. Dwight Homer says :

    As a long time listener and sustaining member I was disappointed by the lock-step decision to go along with the network’s ill-conceived format change away from TOTN and Science Friday. As others have noted another news magazine made no sense to me; the energy and relevance of having real time dialogue that managed to engage the entire country is sorely missed. Where else anywhere was there a genuinely open non-ideological forum on which Americans could express themselves. Especially now with the Congress suffering from a kind of Political ALS it’s sorely needed. So yes, two cheers for getting Ira back on our air. And of course Terri Gross at the middle of the day is where she belongs.

  38. marge Bergfeld says :

    Please bring back both hours of science friday

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