Geri Mitchell is your new morning voice at St. Louis Public Radio

We are pleased to announce that Geri Mitchell has been named the new Morning Host at St. Louis Public Radio and Quincy Public Radio. Geri will begin her hosting duties on Morning Edition this Monday, September 23 at 5 a.m.

gerimitchellphotoSince 2009, Geri has been a familiar weekend voice on St. Louis Public Radio–heard mostly on Saturday afternoons. She is also a familiar voice for listeners to The Gateway | KWMU-2.

Mitchell is a 21-year veteran of radio and has spent time at KUSA, KEZK, KYKY, KSD and KMOX.

Geri has an MBA in Business Marketing from the University of Phoenix and a B.S. in Mass Communications/Journalism from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville.


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About Tim Eby

General Manager of St. Louis Public Radio.

4 responses to “Geri Mitchell is your new morning voice at St. Louis Public Radio”

  1. bob mccabe says :

    Wow! What great news! All the best Geri! I love it that you’re gonna do Morning Edition…. You are perfect!…and Then Some! I can’t wait to listen… What a great selection!! I am so excited for you… I think (aside from the early hours)…’re gonna love it…… And we’re gonna love you, too!! Congratulations and have fun! Luvya,

  2. Glynnetta Ruffin says :

    I can’t wait to hear you Geri ! So happy to see you living your dream. Much success to you. God Bless !

  3. Rod P. says :

    Congratulations Gerri, all the best.

  4. laura wagner says :

    I was hopeful that Geri would be a great addition to my mornings, but I find her silly and inappropriately chatty. All the side banter clutters up the true information. I find this is happening quite a bit on NPR where many of the commentators feel the need to be comedic or quippy. I prefer the BBC and wish we could get back to something more akin to true news.

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