The Public Radio “Community”

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in public radio is that we know our listeners care about and are highly engaged in their community.

Public radio listeners have high levels of participation in all forms of public discourse, from contacting the media to attending public meetings. Listeners are vocal advocates for causes they support, and have strong community ties that give them disproportionate influence in their social and political networks.

NPR Listeners Love Their Communities (1280x1097)

That is why through our work we seek to illuminate, investigate, challenge and celebrate what it means to be a St. Louisan, and through these efforts connect you to stories and events from places nearby and far away.

Our efforts should:

  • Help individuals live a more thoughtful and fulfilling life and be better prepared to make decisions and take action;
  • Help our region appreciate its culture, recognize its strengths, understand its challenges, and embrace its opportunities;
  • Help our democracy by ensuring that everyone has access to information they need to understand the events and ideas that shape our world.

This work is made possible through individuals, businesses, and institutions who support us.  Thanks.


About Tim Eby

General Manager of St. Louis Public Radio.

2 responses to “The Public Radio “Community””

  1. Mary Jo Cannon says :

    Hi, Tim:


    i have been so upset and almost at the point of totally forsaking my beloved NPR/KWMU since announcement of the unfortunate program changes. I have truly missed FRESH AIR and SCIENCE FRIDAY and wondered at the seeming absence of sanity in instituting these program changes, especially taking FRESH AIR, the lynchpin of the daily schedule, and relegating it to the trash heap at 9:00pm when most of us are watching TV, or socialilzing or at a meeting, etc. I have truly missed old Terry. I am smiling from ear to ear. Also have sorely missed SCIENCE FRIDAY. Now if you could just restore Kurt Anderson to Sunday afternoon, I would be supremely satisfied (11:00pm on Friday? Really???? Get serious!!) Thank you and the staff for doing the sensible thing here. Now if you could also resurrect Neal Conan, Ken Rudin and the Political Junkie on Wednesdays, life would be PERFECT! All of us are grateful and will reignite our years long love affair with 90.7.


  2. Marianne Steingruby says :

    I absolutely agree with above comment. You can take away the Takeaway. To the best of our knowledge was much better in my opinion.

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